She Goes Hard (2010) - Compact Disc

($10)   11 songs recorded at Detroit's Ghetto Recorders by Jim Diamond in summer 2010.   Track listing:  Short Leash  |  I Don't Wanna Dance  |  Switch It On (and Shake)  |  Lady of Leisure  |  That Bottle in Front of Me  |  Birthday at the Bar  |  Threat of an Angry Girl  |  Her Heart Over Mine  |  Forgotten Man  |  Hard Knocks  |  She Goes Hard

Don't Waste It (2012) - Compact Disc

($10)    10 songs recorded in spring 2012 at Jim Diamond's Ghetto Recorders in Detroit.   Track listing:  Rumble Young Man Rumble  |  Don't Waste My Rock 'n' Roll  |  Doin' It Wrong  |  Shoutin' in the City  |  Snake Coiled Up in His Heart  |  In the Red  |  Bring Back the Son of a Bitch  |  Dance Donia  |  Ditch Dirty  |  My Own Worst Enemy

Claim to Fame (2014) - Compact Disc and 12" LP

(OUT NOW!!)($12 for LP/$10 for CD) 11 songs recorded in summer 2013 by Jim Diamond at his studio, Ghetto Recorders, in Detroit.  Track listing:  Tomboy  |  Watching You Watching Me Watching You Go  |  Claim to Fame  |  Chasing Alive  |  Your Girl Ain't Nothing Like Me  |  (My Baby Left Me for) The American Way  |  Hello Mr. Romeo  |  Bring You Back  |  Hurt and Dangerous  |  Try Not to Try  |  Something Else to Get Into

T-shirt - Cotton (mmm ... soft)

($10)   Cool logo on front. Nothing on the back. So goddamn comfortable you'll want to kill yourself after taking it off.

Available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL.

Patch - Sew that shit on.

($5) Free when you buy two or more records or shirts!

Scorpion vs. Tarantula EP - 10-inch gray vinyl, gatefold

Our fourth record and first for Phoenix's Slope Records. Six songs, including a cover of The Pandoras' "You're All Talk."

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